Sunday, 11 November 2018

How my weight is affecting my breathing.

Lately I have been really struggling with my breathing, walking up stairs is the worst for me at the moment. It's got to the point where I'm breaking out in sweats and need to sit down for a rest once I'm in doors.
It's the horrible tight feeling in the chest that scares me, I don't have Asthma but this is what I image it would be like.

I started noticing this just under a year ago when I moved to Wales, that and the new medication I had started (I was told that the meds might affect my weight). I guess it is my own fault for not being as active as I was before the move. I had my own property maintenance business and was always out and about on the tools doing a job or pricing a potential job up.

This I know is just being over weight and generally less active, but that's not where it ends for me.

My partner mentioned that I was holding my breath in my sleep which was worrying her, this was apparently happening on a regular basis. 
Once in a while I would startle myself and wake up wondering what was going on, it's almost like an oversized angry snore that I would hear.

I actually started to get annoyed with my partner because she would shout at me numerous times during the night." lee stop laying on ya back" she would say. I almost feel sorry for her when I think about it because it's her that's losing out on the sleep. . . I won't tell her that though lol.

This would explain why I am always so tired and moody after a night of suffocating and the misses moaning at me lol.

I didn't and still don't want to admit that it's down to my weight alone. . . sleeping on my back combined with being  slightly chubby is the main cause.

I had never even heard of  "sleep apnoea " before and actually find the whole thing is quiet scary. 

If any of you guys out there are going through this please seek advice as this can be life threatening.


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