Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Becoming a mental health "Champion".

 I didn't know what was really going on with my mum when I was young. I just had to watch her fall apart time and time again.. Mums self harming and attempted suicides became a normal thing for us, as did her trips to the mental health hospital.

I can't actually remember anyone sitting me down to explain what was going on, would it have helped to understand at a younger age why my mum was like this?... Yes I believe it would have.

Now as an adult and suffering with my own mental health problems I wanted to reach out and get involved in some way. I feel that having first hand experience is so important when it comes to mental health and that's something I have a lot of.

Having moved to Wales I wanted to see what options I had in my local community, that's where I found out about " Time to change Wales".

I love what they are doing and wanted to jump on board and join the fight to break the stigma around mental health.

I contacted the team and have now been invited to @mind in Cardiff for some training to become a Time to change champion.

This will be a challenge for me as I struggle in group situations but I also fell that it will be great to work on my confidence, gain more knowledge and share my story. 
I will be out and about in the community giving talks to schools, colleges and work places as we need to tackle the stigma around mental health.

We all need to stand together and make a noise so loud that they have to hear us!!.




  1. Congratulations on your new endeavor! Time to change champion!

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