Saturday, 13 April 2019

Final goodbye to my dog.

You came in to my life at just the right time because I was in a real dark place both physically and mentally... I had hit rock bottom again. 

I have always believed that your dog picks you and comes when you most need it. Winnie our paths were meant to cross and I'm so glad they did because you saved me!!!.

I remember driving to Portsmouth to get you and couldn't wait to give you a cuddle as I'd been waiting a while for this day to come.

You came everywhere with me, even at work from seven weeks old. It used to drive me mad when I would lay out my dust sheets preparing a room for painting and you would run around attacking them, if it wasn't that you would steal my paint brushes.

I miss the chip shop run and a cheeky pint in the pub on the way back home on a Friday night. All those times you would chase the birds on the football pitches and would refuse to come back... I could of killed you. Now the snoring, well I've never heard anything like it from a dog. You would wake me up every night and then I would try and get back to sleep before you started snoring again.

I would give anything to have just one more day with you.

I miss the car journeys we used to have, you loved the car so much, sitting with your head out the window soaking up the sun and fresh air.

We were a odd pair, me being a big bald tattooed builder and you a beautiful little ball of fluff.  We made it work though didn't we. Every person you met fell in love with you because you had such a beautiful little character.

You always knew when I was unwell and would never leave my side, it was because of you that I didn't kill myself, it was you that made me get up every morning when all I wanted to do was hide away from the world, and it was you that made me leave the house for walks.
You would nudge me constantly for cuddles, the look of pure contentment on your face once you were snuggled up next to me.
I couldn't even go to the toilet without you knocking the door to come in lol. I'm going to miss you so much Tubs.

You saved my life on more than one occasion and i'll never forget you, I'm sorry you had to leave so soon.

You truly did leave paw prints on the hearts of each and everyone of us... sleep tight little lady.


  1. This has ripped me apart inside. Thank you for sharing, but I'm a mess of tears right now.
    We lost our family dog 3 years ago this July and it broke me. It was my first brush with death (other than a hamster or two), and I didn't know what to do.
    I fully believe that Ben (our dog) died 3 years ago to prepare me and my family for what was to come. He left pawprints on our hearts to strengthen them, and ready us for the beginning of illness throughout both sides of the family.
    He was a special dog, but then I everyone thinks their pets are special; and no one is wrong.
    I am sending you my deepest sympathies, and leaving you with the thought that she is watching you from across the rainbow bridge.

    - Nyxie

  2. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. I'm so sorry for this loss.